The Search for Business Hotels near Mumbai Railway Station

Business trips can be pleasant if you have the perfect place to lie down after a day of endless meetings. You are in a hurry all the time, there are meetings all over the place, it’s a different city so you have no clue where you are going or where you should be staying, all in all, a mess! But if your accommodation gives you the comfort of home and a bed that gives you sweet dreams, any trip can be good.

My first sudden trip to Mumbai was a few months back and I was in panic mode from the get go. Finding conference rooms in Mumbai along with staying facilities was going to be very difficult and I needed help. There was so much to think of before deciding on a hotel, it became a headache rather than something to look forward to. However, just like in the movies, my saviour entered the scene on the right time. I might sound a little too dramatic but it’s true! One of my friends, who is a regular traveler to Mumbai suggested Kohinoor Elite from the hotels near Mumbai Railway Station, saying it will reduce travel time for all and has premier facilities that will make your work easier. Listening to him was a wise decision on my part!

I have been to Mumbai twice more after my first trip, and both times have been with Kohinoor Elite. They have been on point with their facilities and made every business trip a success. It is always a pleasure staying in hotels where guests’ comfort is actually a priority. For me they are the only option I will consider when in Mumbai. I suggest you give them a try the next time you are in town too.

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