Live your dreams with budget hotels in Mumbai

3 star hotels in Mumbai
Mumbai is often called the land of opportunities by those who have been there. Having fulfilled the dreams of many who have come here, Mumbai is just a small city with a big heart. When you see those new faces coming up on the big screen of Hindi cinema, you think of how they ever landed up there. We all know that there are some just born lucky and with a silver spoon while most of them struggle and earn it hard. With those glinting eyes and coy smile, every actor looks at the big picture and hopes to become something like him or her some day. Mumbai has lived that dream for many, some perished in the thought process while some just held their calm and sailed through.

Most of the small town actors who come to Mumbai to make a modelling or acting career belong to those families which cannot afford luxuries of life. They come here with small meagre money in their pockets but stay here with the strength of their talent. Serving their purpose, they stay in budget hotels in Mumbai and work part time to eat their bread and butter. In fact most of these budget hotels in Mumbai have been built keeping in mind the everyday influx of people into the city where some stay here for a couple of days while some rent and stay here forever.

Mumbai hotels have a distinct attitude of being the care taker. While you 5 stars for the rich and elite, you have modest rated Mumbai hotels for those who are on a strict and tight money income.

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