Enjoy Mumbai to the hilt this vacation

Accommodation in Mumbai
Mumbai is a huge city in terms of space and heart. Known as the financial capital of the country, Mumbai invites all people to come and taste its fruit. People looking for business, for pleasure or for a holiday spot come here. It has been estimated that thousands of people just come here to see the shores of Mumbai, famous for its sandy beaches and homecoming attitude of the people who reside here.

Mumbai is home to Indian Hindi cinema- Bollywood which is another reason why people keep flocking in to have a good time here. Many aspirant actors and actresses come here to try their luck in acting and modelling alike. There are enough options for viable accommodation in Mumbai which help these people find a shelter over their head. From luxurious villas to budget and modest rate hotels, you have all kinds of accommodation in Mumbai.

Divided into suburbs, Kurla is a famous one amongst them. Though the entire city has something special about its food, culture and people; Kurla stands a little apart from the rest of the divisions. Claimed by many to have some of the best restaurants in town, you must try out dining in Kurla some time. Kurla has an ancient looking church which dates itself from the Portuguese era. So its needless to say that while dining in Kurla you will feel an eclectic mix of Marathi and Portuguese cuisines. Enjoy a ferry ride, go swimming, eat Marathi food and go sightseeing in Mumbai.

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