One Checklist That You Should Keep In Mind Before Visiting Mumbai

Mumbai-“the city of dreams” despite the fact that it’s the “city that never sleeps” is a place that will enchant and enthrall you. Mumbai embraces tourists and migrants just as gracefully, has something for everyone as there are endless places to visit in Mumbai but let’s talk about things to know before visit Mumbai firstly.

Your itinerary as well as your packing both depends on the climate hence, it’s an important checklist before your travel. Mumbai is hot and humid in summer but dry and warm during winter months. Rain is something you cannot escape from no matter the time of the year you plan your trip in; so pack and plan accordingly.

Although English and Hindi both are widely spoken, the local language is Marathi. Most people you come across would be able to communicate easily with signs (they are smart and helpful that way) even if language is a barrier.

The biggest problem this metropolitan faces is Traffic, just like any other metro city in the country. The local trains are chock-full, the roads heaving and the lanes bursting at the seams. If you have a flight to catch, keep a time margin.

The currency accepted throughout India is Indian Rupee but prefer not to carry too much paper money with you as Mumbai is a city even pan vendors would accept online transfers. There are enough ATMs in the city, many online wallets are accepted but everything seems to be little more expensive in the financial capital of India.

Whether you have a budget of Rs 100 or Rs 1000, you will get tasty and hygienic food mostly. From street vendors to top hotels, food is generally fresh and delicious. Make sure you do not miss finger-licking street food at Chowpatty.

There are countless places to see in Mumbai but you can surely pick the ones that interest you. Whether the beach is where your heart flows, or Elephanta caves is what you want to explore, Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, Gateway of India, marine Drive, Haji Ali Dargah, Essel World, Sanjay Gandhi National Park… the list just doesn’t seem to end!

Mumbai is surely a city of many experiences and you can’t explore them all in one go. Plan a long vacation and stay at Hotel Kohinoor Elite that is equipped with all the necessary amenities that one might need. With fine dining outlets and recreational facilities, travellers can enjoy a wholesome experience during their sojourn.

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