Hit the Road: 5 Places near Mumbai for a Road Trip with Your Girl Gang

Whether to add fun to your Mumbai trip or a short escape from the hectic schedules, the idea of road trips fits perfectly in any of the reason you make to spend some time with your girl gang. A road trip doesn’t only stand as an opportunity for a fun time with your pals but also a chance to explore a new place altogether. So if you are planning to rent a car and head for a memorable journey with your friends from the ‘City of Dream’, then here are the places worth considering: 

1) Pelhar Dam (59.8 km)
If you are looking for a destination for your one day road trip from Mumbai, then there is no better option than the serene Pelhar Dam. Hidden, unknown and unexplored; this destination is a pinnacle of peace and just a few hours away from the bustling Mumbai city. Surrounded by the lush green hills of Tungareshwar National Park, a visit to Pelhar Dam will leave you in awe and wonder. 

2) Khandala (82.7 km)
Deep valleys, lakes and waterfalls- Khandala is a place which has all the exquisite gems of nature to satisfy your wanderlust. Laying in the lush terrains of Western Ghats and standing 550 meters above the sea level, this hill station beholds a sight, which is truly mesmerizing. Add an adventurous spice to your trip by trying your hand on activities such as waterfall rappelling and trekking. 

3) Lonavala (83.5 km)
What is a road trip without good pictures? Lonavala is a beautiful place which promises to be a picture perfect destination for your road trip. From rustic historical monument to a lake enveloped in mist, this place offers a plenty of awe-inspiring backdrops for your girl gang trip. Bhushi Dam, Tiger’s Leap, Duke’s Nose and Lohagad Fort are the places to visit while in Lonavala. 

4) Matheran (80.5 km)
Infuse into the fragrance of earth and the sound of the nature while you explore Matheran, a hill station untouched by modernization. Matheran, meaning ‘forest on forehead’, is the raw and the real depiction of Mother Nature. Standing as Asia’s only automobile free hill station, you will have to commence your trip on hand pulled rickshaws after the sensitive point. So plan a road trip with your girl gang from your stay at a hotel accommodation in Mumbai to here and get closer to nature. 

5) Mulshi (167.7 km)
Pack a meal from your hotel accommodation in Mumbai and drive to Mulshi where you can have lunch by the lakeside and chill with your buddies. Mulshi is a charming green paradise with a salubrious weather all throughout the year. A plethora of activities such as camping under the stars and boating are held here. While experiencing the beauty of Mulshi, don’t forget to stop at the Shivling and Lion Points and have a refreshing tea while you gaze at the clear sky. 
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