How to Spend your Weekend in Mumbai?

Bombay is constantly flocked by tourists from different corners of the world. A beautiful skyline, massive shoreline, beautiful beaches and impressive monuments- all accentuate the charm of this city. Housing a plethora of enchanting tourist destinations, Mumbai is any traveller’s delight. So make sure to check off these destinations the next time when you are here:

1.  Marine drive
A kilometer of sheer awesomeness, Marine Drive is an arc shaped arcade overlooking the Arabian Sea. One of the best places in the city to absorb the view of the setting sun, this boulevard is dotted by the Chowpatty Beach. The splashing of waves is a refreshing break from the cacophony of the city’s traffic. Not only does it make for a great site to unwind in, it is also a nice place to binge on the local snacks of the city, including Vada Pav, Sev Puri & Batata Vada. 

2.  Gateway of India
One of the major hotspots of tourism in Mumbai, Gateway of India faces the azure waters of the Arabian Sea. Fondly labeled as “Mumbai's Taj Mahal”, this quaint monument was constructed in 1924 by George Wittet, the famous architect, in order to commemorate the visit of King George V and Queen Mary to Mumbai. This imposing structure is a mélange of the architectural elements of India, Arabia and the West. Embodying the beautiful confluence of Muslim and Hindu motifs, the arch of this monument is made out of amber coloured basalt and solid concrete.

3.  Juhu Beach
One of the most iconic destinations in Mumbai, Juhu Beach is situated next to an ultra-rich neighborhood, which houses the homes of famous celebrities of B-town, including Amitabh Bachchan, Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan. Besides dropping by at these famous places, you can also go for a relaxing walk at the Juhu Beach. 

4.  Haji Ali Dargah
Located against the background of a breathtaking view of the sea is the Haji Ali Shrine, which is dedicated in the honour of a wealthy merchant turned Sufi. Built in 1431, the shrine attracts people from all walks of life. Built of glass, the tomb is an enchanting epitome of the Indo-Islamic style of architecture. Arabic motifs adorn the design of the marble pillars of the mosque. It is famous for hosting Qawalli by the Sufi mystics every night.

5.  Elephanta Caves
A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Elephanta Caves are a fine specimen of the rock-cut art that flourished in medieval India. Located at a distance of about 11 km from Mumbai, these caves are fondly called “Gharapurichi Leni” by the natives. Elaborately painted artworks bedeck the walls of the caves. They house two groups of alcoves; Hindu caves (representing the Shaiva sect) and the Buddhist ones. In addition to being an important reminiscent of India’s medieval history, Elephanta Caves are a trekking destination. 
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